Sunday, June 16, 2013

Celebrating Dad

Mike is a super fantastic dad! I really truly mean that. I don't know that I've ever had a complaint about Mike and his parenting. He loves on Liza and Jason daily. He has such a sweet relationship with them. He brings the fun to our boring days and is 100% involved in raising our kids well.

I had some ideas for today but they all were outside things. Yesterday when I checked the weather I saw that it was going to rain... so I decided to start our fun yesterday. We ate an early dinner and headed to Living Treasures for the evening. It's always more fun when Mike gets to come with us!

IMG_7676 copy

Mike and Liza always take their time feeding the birds. They are masters!

IMG_7781 copy

We all agreed that our favorite animal of the evening was this cute little baby kangaroo. I want one.

IMG_7795 copy

We stayed at Living Treasures until it closed at 8pm. I figured we should stop at the lake on the way home to sit at our favorite sunset watching spot and see if it was a good one. We needed to blow a little bit of time so we stopped for ice cream. The brand was Perry's and we got PB S'mores... oh my gosh you guys! It's a good thing that place is a half hour away! Soooo good!!

IMG_7821 copy

IMG_7822 copy

Then we went to the lake... and the sunset was really lame. But we had fun anyways!!

IMG_7830 copy

IMG_7841 copy

IMG_7844 copy

IMG_7848 copy
(Note: Everyone always notices the kids' super blue eyes. I say they get them from their dad but people say it's from me. I'm pretty sure that this photo is quite convincing that the blue is definitely from Mike. My eyes are blue... but his are blue blue.)

IMG_7859 copy

 IMG_7824 copy

IMG_7876 copy

IMG_7877 copy

Mike had to work this morning at church so the kids and I stayed home (we were exhausted from yesterday!) and cleaned the house and got going on the food... because today is all about the food. Stuff Mike likes. Steaks on the grill. Corn on the cob. A yummy pasta salad. Dessert. Then he told me that he wanted root beer floats... so I told him to go get the stuff... we'll have movie and dessert again after the kids go to bed.

He's a pretty great guy and definitely worth celebrating!

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