Thursday, June 20, 2013

Extreme Cuteness!

So Mike and I were staying at the bed and breakfast and around 8pm we decided to take a little walk. We headed down the dirt road when all of a sudden we saw this...

IMG_7975 copy

Four baby kittens joyously running toward us.

Turns out there was actually five of them. One was being cautious and continued to hide out in the weeds along the ditch.

 IMG_8015 copy

Now, if you've known me for very long at all you know I am not a pet person. I don't care for cats or dogs and Liza's teacher had to beg me to take the beta fish for the summer. Me and animals... we only get along when the animals are behind a fence.

But these kittens... even though I wouldn't pet them or hold them... were so cute that I had to take a few photos. :)

IMG_7979 copy

IMG_7985 copy

IMG_7986 copy

IMG_7987 copybw

IMG_7989 copy

IMG_7998 copy

IMG_8001 copy

The kittens ended up following us when we continued with our walk. We eventually came to an intersection and cars were flying by. I was so paranoid that the cats were going to get killed because they were following me so we turned around and headed back to the B&B.

There is an amish family that runs the farm next to where we were staying and as we passed by four kids ran to the end of the driveway. Mike asked if they lost some kittens. They were confused for a moment so I explained that the kittens were following us but they definitely were not ours! (We were afraid they were going to whine outside our cottage all night. Didn't want that!)

The girls says "Oh, do you think they belong to someone or should we just take them?"

I told her I didn't know. Didn't need mom and dad getting upset with the B&B guests that told their kids they could bring home more cats. :)

Well the oldest girl took charge. She calmly walked across the road to where the cats where and when she got close enough she pounced and snatched up one of those cats! The other kittens took off running for their lives as the three other amish kids followed after their older sister. They chased them down the road.

We don't know what happened after that because Mike and I continued on our way laughing... thankful that the cats wouldn't be keeping us awake all night.

I'm sure those kittens will be loved well. :)

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