Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm sitting here exhausted with a cold. I've been doing a whole lot of editing and reading. I like this slow paced life... I just wish this cold would go away!


A week or so ago me and my friend Stephanie decided we wanted to do a shoot just for some practice. She called up her friend Katie and we set a date and time. Of course when the day and time came along it started raining... just as we got in the car to leave.

I figured we were out without the kids so we should make the most of it. We went for ice cream. By the time we were done with ice cream the rain had stopped. We decided to stop by the park even though it was still kind of ugly out because Stephanie had never been and I wanted to show her what a great place it was for photography. While there we decided that we should just go ahead and walk around and take photos even though it was pretty dull and gloomy out and still threatening rain.

We ended up having a really fun night and Katie was a great model for us to practice with. :)

IMG_2207 copybw

IMG_2200 copy

IMG_2184 copybw
(I think she looks like Mandy Moore in this pic.)

IMG_2166 copy

IMG_2140 copy
(I need to invest in an awesome, bright umbrella.)

IMG_2099 copy

IMG_2100 copybw

IMG_2130 copy

IMG_2217 copybw
(This one is a little fuzzy but I still love it... it's so genuine.)

IMG_2209 copybw

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