Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Last Wednesday Liza graduated kindergarten! She's officially a first grader now.

I loved watching her during the school year... making friends, growing up, learning, learning and learning some more. It amazes me how well a kid's brain can work and absorb and understand. I think the neatest thing of all is listening to her read. She loves reading and is always practicing and wanting to read to me. I hope she never loses that love of reading.

Graduation was a fun and simple time. They sang some songs and received their diplomas. Liza was as proud as could be! She's looking forward to first grade!

IMG_5162 copy

IMG_5191 copy

IMG_5201 copy

IMG_5216 copy

IMG_5219 copy

IMG_5222 copy

Way to GROW Liza!!

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