Monday, June 3, 2013

Little Dancers

Liza and Jason are in love with the idea of being prince and princess. They watch their Disney movies and so many seem to end with people falling in love and dancing elegantly in their lovely clothes.

Liza and Jason often dress up in their finest, Jason escorts Liza down the stairs and then they request a good song and get on with the dancing.

So you can just imagine how awesome it is when they get to dress up, go to a wedding and DANCE!

They'll steal the show.

IMG_3015 copy

IMG_3017 copy

IMG_3018 copy

IMG_3028 copy

IMG_3029 copy
(I love the ladies in the background. They really enjoyed watching my kids.)

IMG_3030 copy

IMG_3031 copy

IMG_3033 copy

IMG_3036 copy
(The lift! Cracks me up every time.)

IMG_3037 copy

I just love watching Liza and Jason dance! I hope they never get too old to dance with each other. :)

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