Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Locked Out

8:40 AM.
Five minutes before we head out to walk Liza to school.

It's Kindergarten graduation day and Liza and Jason are dressed in their finest. What a great opportunity for photos! So we headed out to the front porch with my camera and took some pictures of the kids. They were cute and cooperative.

The morning was going so well.

Until I tried to get back in the house and realized I was locked out.

My first thought went like this...
"Well at least we are all dressed and I have my camera. It could be worse."

My second thought was a little more frantic...
"Wait! I haven't even brushed my teeth and now I HAVE to talk to someone because I need to get a phone to use! This can't be happening!!!"

I hadn't brushed my teeth because I kept trying to convince myself to eat breakfast and who likes eating right after they brush their teeth!? Not me! So I put it off and put it off and then I locked myself out without having had any breakfast or brushing my teeth.

I did have a cup of tea waiting for me on the counter. I was planning on drinking it while walking Liza to school. But I ended up stuck with bad breath and nothing to cover it.

Thankfully the crossing guard had her phone and let me use it. I called Mike but didn't expect him to answer. He leaves the cell in the car while on a roof. My only other hope was my mother-in-law who lives 20 minutes away. It took a minute but I eventually recalled the phone number. She was going to save the day.

Then we got to talking and I realized I had one more option...

Mike had put the window AC unit in the other day to test it out and had it on a really long extension cord. Maybe I could get it out of the window.

Let me just say that those things are heavy!! But I am back inside and all is good. I'm drinking my tea and then I will immediately brush my teeth.

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