Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Out and About

Mike and I took a spontaneous overnight trip from Monday to Tuesday. I'll tell you all about that soon. In the meantime here are some pics that I've taken while out and about the past few weeks...

IMG_6902 copy

IMG_7309 copy

IMG_7382 copy

 IMG_7415 copy

 IMG_7458 copy
(The dew was so heavy and looked like little crystals all over the field!)

 IMG_7462 copy2

IMG_7533 copy
(This is growing in my yard! I have no idea what all the plants are yet. :))

IMG_7549 copy1

IMG_6857 copy

IMG_6860 copy

IMG_6865 copy

IMG_6872 copy

IMG_6907 copy

IMG_6944 copy

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