Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pymatuning State Park

I keep wanting to say Saturday when talking about our trip. It really felt like a weekend and I've been completely thrown off ever since leaving on Monday. Don't ask me what today is... I have no idea. :)


On TUESDAY we woke up and headed to...

IMG_8358 copy

We spent a good amount of time just exploring. Walking around without an agenda. Stopping where we wanted to stop and spending as much time at each spot as we wanted. It worked out really well because there was enough stuff to keep Mike entertained and plenty for me to photograph.

Plus, it was an absolutely gorgeous day!

 IMG_8050 copy

 IMG_8058 copy

IMG_8053 copy

IMG_8081 copy

IMG_8087 copy

IMG_8092 copy

IMG_8095 copy

IMG_8101 copy

IMG_8302 copy

IMG_8328 copy

IMG_8353 copy

IMG_8324 copy

IMG_8322 copy

IMG_8314 copy

IMG_8306 copy

Pymatuning State Park is a beautiful place and close enough that we can take the kids there for a day trip. Or we can stay at our favorite B&B and make it an overnighter. If we had camping gear we would use that. :) Someday.

We'll be heading back there soon with the kids... they NEED to see the fish at the Spillway in the park. Will write about that soon!

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