Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy

1. This is a set on my flickr account with photos from all the different weddings I've shot. It starts with my first one that I did about 3 1/2 years ago (I think). My sister-in-law absolutely insisted that I shoot her wedding. I was terrified and did it for free. But this album shows my progression from shooting in almost auto, taking some workshops, learning to shoot in manual, figuring out some editing, shooting in RAW and then putting it all together. Plus there is loads of love going on in these photos... it's hard not to smile when looking at them!!

At some of the weddings I was just a guest, some I was second shooter, and some I was the solo shooter. I love it all! I just want to photograph weddings. :)

2. This video!! Confession... I like One Direction. But even more... One Direction done by the piano guys! This makes my insides happy!

3. This beautiful story of a dad who struggled to accept his special needs daughter and how he overcame that and embraced life with her. Tears people! Big. FAT. Happy. Tears.

4. Evolution of the bikini. Love her thoughts and presentation. "Modesty isn't about covering up because our bodies are bad. It's about revealing our dignity." AMEN! Best way I've ever heard to describe modesty.

What has been making you happy??

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