Friday, June 7, 2013

THIS School


Last summer as we were looking for a house we were told over and over again... don't move THERE. Don't move where your kids would have to go to THAT school.

But we moved THERE and went to THAT school.

All the things I was told about THAT school... not true! None of them!

It's an excellent place for my kids and now that a year of school is past I have nothing but praise.

The teachers DO care. I see them on the playground playing with the kids. I've also been in the school during several programs or days where I was just helping. They care. They are good people and they truly care about the kids.

Not too long ago I was volunteering on the day they had Relay Recess... a fun day for the kids. We were outside for the "opening ceremonies" when we were told to get inside... lock down. The teachers moved to action, got those kids inside and we waited. Thankfully the situation was over quickly (robbery in the area and the guy fled in the direction of the school. We were to go inside for obvious safety reasons) and we were given the all clear to pick back up with the activities. Everyone headed outside again and the opening ceremonies were once again happening... and that's when the call came that things weren't fully wrapped up with the robbery problem and we needed to move all activities inside.

They could have all complained but instead everyone stepped up and helped out and within minutes things were running smoothly inside. The teachers were having a good time with the kids and the kids were having a blast.

After lunch things got moved back outside again. So many bumps in the day. So many big transitions and changes... but I was nothing but impressed with how every turn of events went. It never felt like we weren't on plan A.

Excellent teachers.
Wonderful kids.

I like THIS school.

Lesson: Don't make decision based on the opinions or experiences of others. Form your own!

Had I listened to others I would have missed out on so much. I have made so many wonderful friends through school connections and even a best friend in Liza's teacher. My kids have made wonderful friends as well.

Are they all perfect families? No. But neither is mine.
Are the teachers perfect all the time? No. But neither are the ones at other schools.

Expect bad and you will find the things to complain about.
Expect good and you will see it... every day. 

It's been a wonderful year at THIS school and I look forward to many more.

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