Monday, June 17, 2013

Weddings plus Photography equals My Happy Place

I really REALLY love doing wedding photography... and I think I figured out why.
It's the closest thing I have to playing a sport.

I probably need to explain that.
I grew up playing sports and continued to do so right up until I got married. I haven't played anything in ten years. Sad. I miss it. But the other day I was thinking about wedding photography and it clicked... with weddings I feel like it's a bit of a sport. The anticipation of those unplanned things. Being in the right place at the right time. Always aware of what's going on on the field. I want to get photos that show a play by play of the day. And when I'm there for that moment and I get a great photo of it??? SCORE!!

Like this one... you know it's one that will be greatly appreciated, laughed at, remembered and loved... because stuff like this doesn't happen every day. :)

IMG_6688 copy

A while ago I posted some of the details I photographed at Mallory and Tyler's wedding. I was working with my friend Stephanie and it was a lot of fun to be second shooter for a day. DREAM JOB!!

Here are a few more pictures from their day...

IMG_3301 copy

IMG_3346 copy

IMG_3355 copy

IMG_3425 copy

IMG_3438 copy

IMG_3458 copybw

IMG_3684 copy

IMG_3982 copybw

IMG_4066 copy

IMG_3911 copybw

5-26-2013 malory tyler 1

5-26-2013 malory tyler 2

All of the photos have been uploaded (by Mallory) to flickr albums. I'm going to share them below... you know... just in case you want to see what Stephanie and I look like as a team. Or if you're just like me and could look at wedding pictures all day. :)

Details and Decor
Bride and Groom
Wedding Party and Family
Pre-Ceremony and Candids

And you know... if you are in the area we are for hire. :) I'm your affordable photographer.

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