Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Have a Life!

Sometimes I feel like I can be such a boring person. I don't have much on my schedule. We do something little here and there. Nothing really exciting. I'm not complaining... I love my life and how laid back it is. But sometimes... sometimes it is nice to feel like I am not getting old and actually do something a little random or interesting... or just feel like I have a life outside my home. :)

Last Friday when Mike got home from work we were both just tired and B.O.R.E.D. It was one of those days where you HAVE to do something or just go to bed because if you continue sitting around doing nothing you just get grumpy and the day drags FOREVER. So I asked facebook if there was anything going on in town.

The response was that I should go to the concert downtown because people would be firehooping... hula hooping with flames attached.

We decided to do that. We ate our dinner, went out for ice cream and then headed downtown. It's always an interesting crowd in downtown Butler but we ended up having a really great time! There were some people there with their hula hoops and can I just say how wonderful they are! They bring extra hoops and let the kids play with them. Liza and Jason loved it and little Liza was so determined! Girl worked up a good sweat hula hooping. I need to go buy a few good ones!

We eventually met up with my friend who told me about it and her kids. Everyone was happy. But the night was dragging on and we had no idea when the fire entertainment was going to start. We were hoping to get some good photography practice in.

We waited and waited and the kids were getting a bit crazy. It was past bedtime for them. Someone eventually noticed the awesome sunset happening and we headed to the top of the parking garage to check it out. Lovely! And there were no cars so Mike entertained the kids and let them chase him around while me and Stephanie played with our cameras.

It was getting really late at this point (for the kids at least) so we decided to head back and find our cars. We passed the concert area and found out they were getting ready to play with fire... so we stayed and found some front row seats. So glad we didn't miss it!

We stayed out late. We talked to strangers. We visited with friends. We walked around town. We listened to good music and saw some good entertainment. And the only money we spent was on ice cream. THAT is a good night!

IMG_0376 copy

IMG_0389 copy

IMG_0433 copy

IMG_0443 copy

 IMG_0451 copy

 IMG_0452 copy
(I live somewhere down in there. I love my town. :))

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