Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Photographed Lightning!

What I love about being at my parents' house is that it is easy to get photos of things that I don't normally get around to photographing at home. Here are some things I saw this week...

Liza found her seventh four-leaf clover. She found two this week... five this summer. 
IMG_1424 copy

This cute little bunny was in the backyard a few times munching on the grass.
IMG_1443 copy

I got the moon twice because I could just walk out the front door, set up my tripod, take a photo and head back in. 
IMG_1233 copy

IMG_1534 copy

One night when I went out to photograph the moon I noticed that the clouds were lighting up with lightning! Since it all seemed to be staying in the clouds I didn't freak out and run back inside. Instead, I decided to see if I could get a photo of it. It was a lot of long, bright flashes and I just took it from where I was because I was too lazy to walk to another spot on the road to see if I could get a better view... that means I was shooting between two houses... but it worked. :)

IMG_1556 copy

Then as I was scrolling through the lightning photos I saw that I got a streak! Yay. :) Totally lucky!

IMG_1546 copy

I love getting my camera out to photograph things I don't see every day... or things I do see every day but have to go beyond my yard to photograph them. 

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