Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just Do It

A week or so ago I wrote about my bad eating habits and how I had decided that whether I feel like eating well and moving or not I had to JUST DO IT. At one point I was asked by a friend how I just do it and at the time I didn't really have an answer other than "I don't know... I just do it."

BUT I have some ideas how that works now that I've had a week to actually just do it.

How do I just do it?

I just do it by NOT doing all the things I had been doing.
I don't put the chips in the shopping cart.
I don't accept the dessert.
I don't snack on all the wrong things.
I don't run to the fridge when I'm upset.
When I see the chocolate chips in the baking stuff cupboard and reach for them I remind myself that I'm not doing that anymore and I leave them there.

I just do it by DOING what I should be doing.
I go for walks. Exercise!
I make good food choices.
I plan my splurges. (Can't wait to have s'mores in a jar on the 4th!)
If I'm going to snack I grab an apple.

I just do it by MAKING GOOD CHOICES.
(Don't I try to drill the idea of making good choices into my kids?!)

I'm faced with food choices constantly. I get to decide what I am going to do. No one else. Just me. When everyone else orders dessert and the waitress tries to convince me that I should as well I'm allowed to say no. When everyone else is eating all the snacks at the party I don't have to. I get to make my choices.

And can I just say that after a week or so of just doing it I FEEL GREAT!!!
I'm down three pounds!
Of course I don't expect the rest of it to be that easy. The first three always come off easily. But it's off. I'm down. And I'm excited about that!

I'm going to keep just doing it because right now "just do it" is all I've got!

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