Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kayla ~ Seniors

I grew up with Kayla's mom. We were neighbors. :) When I was asked to do Kayla's seniors I said "I'd love to! I'll let you know next time I'll be in town." I love that I can go visit my parents, catch up with old friends AND do a few photo shoots when I head to the hometown. It's a perfect combination for happiness!

I also really enjoyed getting to go to a different location for pictures. I've been hunting for new locations in my own town and am trying them out tonight! But going to my parents' and using areas around their town was refreshing.

Kayla will be a senior this year and I really enjoyed working with her! 1. She's really pretty! 2. She was really at ease in front of the camera and just did her own thing while I snapped away. It was great! Although at one point I snapped a picture and realized as I was snapping just how much Kayla looks like her mom! I couldn't get over it!

Anyways... here are some of my favorites... it was really hard to narrow them down haha. I LOVE the colors! People... when I say WEAR COLOR for photos this is why...

IMG_1071 copy

IMG_0907 copy

IMG_1120 copy

IMG_1061 copy

IMG_0911 copy

IMG_1137 copybw

IMG_1055 copy

IMG_1054 copy

IMG_1043 copy

IMG_1030 copy

IMG_0939 copy

IMG_1142 copybw

IMG_1111 copy

IMG_1091 copy

IMG_0933 copy

IMG_1024 copy

IMG_0991 copy

IMG_1140 copy

Ok. I'll stop!
Kayla is beautiful.
Wear color for pictures!
The end.

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