Friday, July 5, 2013

Liza and Jason ~ Photo Shoot

I always see photos from photographers in other towns and states and I've been convinced that my town is boring. I've been known to say that we don't have colorful buildings. We don't have beautiful parks. We don't have the ocean. My town is dull when it comes to finding great photography locations.

But then I took a workshop and I was challenged to find color, to find interesting things. I was challenged to find five new locations within five miles of my house...

And it was like my eyes were opened!!
I feel like I've been blind for the past two years.

We have color!
We have fun!
We have interesting!

The past two nights while waiting for fireworks I decided that I would get my kids to be my models and have Mike drive us around town to all the new places I've been noticing and wanting to try out. I am so in love with the photos I got! I love that I haven't seen these places used in anyone else's photography from the area. I found them on my own. I used them. And I have more places to try. I'm just so pleased with these photos!! It helps that I have the cutest little models too. :)

IMG_9348 copy

IMG_9351 copy

IMG_9358 copy

IMG_9364 copy

IMG_9397 copy

IMG_9403 copy

IMG_9409 copy

IMG_9653 copy

IMG_9672 copy

IMG_9661 copy

IMG_9687 copy

IMG_9696 copy

IMG_9713 copy

IMG_9715 copy

IMG_9744 copybw

IMG_9771 copy

IMG_9775 copy

IMG_9778 copy

IMG_9786 copy

IMG_9793 copy

IMG_9811 copy

IMG_9818 copy

IMG_9827 copy

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