Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, Monday...

It is Monday isn't it?
I went to a wedding on Friday night and man did that throw me off. Weddings are supposed to be on Saturday... at least that is what my brain keeps telling me. A Friday night wedding made Saturday feel like Sunday... so I treated it like Sunday. When the real Sunday actually made an appearance I had no idea what to do.

But Mike is back to work today so that must mean that it really is Monday.

Me and the kids are stranded at home... or walking distance from the house... because the van is leaking something AGAIN and Mike didn't have time to work on it yesterday after discovering the leak.

Being that it is Monday and we weren't going to be going anywhere we decided to make it a lazy day. We slept in till 8. The kids got themselves breakfast and watched a movie. I putzed around on the internet for a while and did some editing.

Then we got to cleaning... and since I was going to be spending a good amount of time cleaning I figured I would wait to shower till I was done.

I was cleaning.
The kids were cleaning.
The house was shaping up nicely!

Laundry is getting done.

Doing laundry is what started my problems today.
I was carrying a load down the basement steps when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something big and nasty on the wall . I turned around to see a huge spider. HUGE! Ok... so maybe it's an itty bitty one to those of you who live in places like Florida... but for me and what I am used to seeing... HUGE!

So there I was... trapped in the basement because there was a HUGE spider between me and freedom. I paced. I panicked. I paced some more. I told myself to calm down and figure out what to do with that spider. Mike wasn't home so I was going to have to save myself. I spotted two red solo cups and figured I could trap it in them. But then I freaked out because I realized I wouldn't be able to SEE the spider once it was in those cups IN MY HANDS!

I'm such a wuss.

By this time Liza was watching me... and kind of laughing at how ridiculous I was being. But I had to do something. I had to get out of that basement because my mind was telling me where there is one... there are THOUSANDS!

I remembered we had some clear plastic cups in the kitchen... just at the top of the basement steps. I convinced myself to walk past that big nasty spider and get that other cup. Liza was still laughing at me. I was feeling awesome. (not!) After lots of time dancing around like a dork trying to work up the courage I finally trapped that spider... and continued freaking out.

I ordered Liza to grab one of Daddy's shoes and meet me outside. We were killing this thing and for once Mike's size 15 shoes weren't a nuisance! We dropped that sucker and smashed it!

Then I was a complete idiot and came inside and googled "spiders of western PA". Ugh. I deserve to be slapped for that! Not too sure why I needed to see what kind of spider it was... a fishing spider if you are wondering. I'll let you google it yourself. I don't want to see another spider... EVER!

I was still recovering when Mike called and when I replayed the story my heart was racing so much. He said "I can hear it that you are shook up."

You guys!!! IT WAS ONLY A SPIDER! I'm such a mess over it haha.

And then my day got even better. There I was freaking out over a spider that most of you would laugh at, still in my pajamas (old shorts and tshirt thankfully!) and one of my pastors knocks on the door to drop something off. Awesome.

For the record, I'm usually not still in my pajamas at 11:45 and it is generally safe to randomly drop by.

So here we are... the spider is dead, the kids are fed, the house is looking decent and I'm finally off to take a shower and wash away the heebie jeebies because I swear I have spiders crawling all over me! I'll leave the rest of the laundry for when Mike gets home.

How is your Monday going?

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