Sunday, July 14, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Seeing as I totally forgot about the prompts this week until Friday night you may find that several of these are a bit of a stretch. Oh well! :)

IMG_0445 copy
We had a nice, relaxing night out on Friday. The skies were gorgeous and made me think of cotton candy.

IMG_0542 copy
This was our entertainment on Friday. Yeah... anyone who eats fire... I'll call them inspiring.

IMG_0733 copy
Eh... so they are typed... whatever. :)
I was asked to photograph an anniversary party last night. This was on the tables. I thought it was super cool... but that's probably because I kill plants when I try to keep them alive. 42 years with the same plant... amazing!

 IMG_0803 copy
This couple is celebrating 70 YEARS of marriage! I bet they have some amazing memories.

IMG_0336 copy
I'm pretty sure that Liza and her imagination are currently best friends.

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