Wednesday, July 17, 2013

They don't call it Elk County for nothin'!

We have been having a great time visiting with my family! The PA county that they live in is Elk County and last night we took a drive to the middle of nowhere to look for the elk herds. They can always be found about a half hour from my parent's house and we were not disappointed!

This was the fist time for Liza and Jason to see the elk and it's been YEARS since I've gone. At first all we were seeing were females and their babies but Liza kept saying "I want to see one of the males!" Their antlers are amazing.

Toward the end of our drive we spotted a male fifteen yards off the side of the road. We hopped out and watched. They are really beautiful creatures and they live in the middle of absolutely beautiful country!

IMG_1455 copy

IMG_1456 copy

IMG_1462 copy

IMG_1467 copy

IMG_1468 copy

IMG_1473 copy

IMG_1477 copy

IMG_1483 copy

IMG_1499 copy

IMG_1502 copy

IMG_1504 copy

IMG_1505 copy

IMG_1507 copy

IMG_1515 copy

Jason has a new joke that he made up. It went something like this...
JASON: Why did the poop cross the road?
ME: I don't know Jason.
JASON: Because the elk that walked across the road was POOPING!

Yep. It happened.
Right in front of us.
Made. His. Day.

IMG_1523 copy

IMG_1527 copy

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