Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We Love Summer!

Me and the kids have been visiting with my parents the past few days and even though it is 85 or higher every day and they don't have air conditioning we are managing to stay cool and really enjoy our time here.

Whenever we are here in the summer we usually take a day and head to Twin Lakes. There isn't anything special about this place... it's just a lake for swimming and it's usually pretty empty because the sand is hard and the water cold. But we love it because we have it to ourselves. I swam at Twin Lakes growing up and it's fun to take my kids there now. They don't mind the dirt in the lake. :)

My brother met us there with his two kids and all four of the little ones had a blast playing together. The grown ups enjoyed the sun. And my old Canon enjoyed a day out.

IMG_6223 copy

IMG_6225 copy

IMG_6229 copy

IMG_6232 copy

IMG_6239 copy

IMG_6248 copy

IMG_6254 copy
Liza was determined to swim UNDER the buoy. We eventually had to take another layer off her bubble so she could go under far enough to make it. She did it over and over and over. I love how determined she is about learning to swim and basically teaching herself. She's fun to watch.

IMG_6260 copy

I taught the kids that running in until you have to fall over is the best way to get into cold water. 

IMG_6262 copy

IMG_6265 copy

IMG_6269 copy
I love how Trace is all "oh hey! Shovel!"

IMG_6274 copy

IMG_6283 copy

IMG_6299 copy

IMG_6303 copy

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