Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zachary ~ 2 Years Old

Zachary's mom was one of my neighbors growing up and I was more than happy to find time to do some photos for them the last time I was home to visit! We used some of their property that they plan to build on some day and wow! What a gorgeous place they will have! I could live with this view...

IMG_1358 copy


Back to Zachary. :) He's adorable and everything a two year old should be! There wasn't much stopping during this shoot... just lots of chasing him around and hoping he'd at some point look somewhere near the vicinity of the camera so we could see his face. :)

This was probably 85% of our time together haha!

IMG_1304 copy

IMG_1303 copy

 IMG_1270 copy

IMG_1334 copy

IMG_1317 copy

IMG_1327 copybw

IMG_1344 copy

IMG_1239 copy1

IMG_1287 copybw

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