Monday, August 5, 2013

Best Place to Order Pictures

I'm not getting anything from any of these places... just promoting what I like.

Lately I've been getting asked the same question over and over...

Where is the best place to order pictures?

The answer?
Depends on what you want.

I use for my everyday photos... the ones I just print and put in albums. I put in a huge order three or four times a year. Great customer service. The product is good. And I love the price! They charge 9cents for 4x6 prints and if you can be patient, a few times a year they give a code for free shipping on orders over $20. (I have no problem reaching that $20.) That means I get 9cent prints delivered to my door. 

If you have never used yorkphoto before and decide to sign up I would love it if you would USE THIS LINK. It's my referral link and yes I get credit but it also gets you 60 free prints!

If I'm ordering photo books I use I haven't used other sites for books so I don't have anything to compare them to but I've been happy enough with them that I don't need to look elsewhere. It took me a little bit to figure out how to use their book program but once I got it it was quite simple. It's also hard to beat the price. They are always sending me coupons for free books. This month I was give a coupon for 7 free 20 page 8x8 photo books and 5 free 20 page 7x9 books. (Let's see how many I can get done!) I just pay shipping which is usually around $10 for one book. There are many free scrapbooking kits to help you personalize your books. There are also loads of kits you can purchase if you want. I love their photo books... they make me (and my kids!!) happy.

For prints that I'm going to hang on the wall, give as gifts, or want to remain great forever I turn to It's a professional printing company and the quality is tops! I also started getting my wallets here because they come on a page where I just have to push them out instead of cutting them. The wallets also have rounded corners. (Great place to order wallets of senior photos.)

When I order cards... I just go to wherever there is a good deal or where I have credit... because those cards can be pricey!

There are several other sites to choose from. I just haven't used them as much (or at all) so I can't fully recommend them. and are other sites I will use for my every day printing if they have good deals running.

Other professional printers are and I have not used either but thought I would pass them on so you can do some price comparison if you want.

The trick is to sign up for emails from many of them so that you can always be up on the latest deals.
Right now yorkphoto has cards at 50% off and I happen to have a $10 credit. I'll be placing an order. :) Yorkphoto also has buy one, get one on prints at posters for a few more days. Shipping can add up fast and be a killer but if you pay attention and order when there are deals you can really knock the cost down so overall you have a good deal. And just a reminder that if you decide to give yorkphoto a try PLEASE SIGN UP THROUGH THIS LINK! It's beneficial for both of us. :)

Alright... that's all I've got. I avoid Walmart photo center as much as possible. Haven't tried Walgreens in a lifetime. I don't know of any other pick-up photo places in my area.

And now it's back to editing and building photo books!

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