Wednesday, August 7, 2013

F. Family Photos

I've been getting a lot of calls for pictures lately... and I love it!!

Brent is the youth minister at my church and we recently ended up at a wedding where I was able to meet his wife and cute little girl. I just love this family!!

Funny story... we started off in a field and it was still damp with dew. We were ok with a bit of dew but what we didn't realize until we got to the spot I wanted to use was that it had been recently mowed and our feet were covered in grass clippings. Ugh! Thankfully they were super laid back and just kicked their shoes off and made it work. :)

IMG_3040 copy

IMG_3047 copybw

IMG_3068 copy

IMG_3063 copybw

IMG_3082 copy

IMG_3084 copy

IMG_3098 copy

IMG_3100 copy

IMG_3110 copy

IMG_3116 copy

IMG_3142 copy

IMG_3151 copy

IMG_3157 copybw

IMG_3176 copy

And of course we had to have a little bit of fun. :)

IMG_3204 copy

IMG_3206 copy

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