Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School

Today was the big day... first day of first grade for Liza and first day of Kindergarten for Jason. Oh man were they cute!

Last night while getting ready for bed Liza exclaimed "I'm so excited! I can't wait!! It's like there is a party in my BRAIN!"

And Jason... he just got dreamy eyes when we talked about Kindergarten because he was going to be in Miss Eshbaugh's class. Yeah... he's totally got a little crush on her. :)

I always ask the kids what they want for breakfast on their first day of school. I would make them anything... pancakes, waffles, whatever! I don't think they really know that though because we hardly ever have that stuff for breakfast. Last year Liza chose frosted mini wheats and the kids decided that that was what they wanted again this year. Easy enough for me!

IMG_4460 copy

We made sure to get ready quick so we would have enough time for photos before walking over to school. Liza and Jason were so excited about their new backpacks and shoes. It's the little things. :)

IMG_4462 copy

Waah!!! Seriously! Can someone make her stop growing up!!????

IMG_4466 copy

IMG_4467 copy

I love that Liza insisted on pigtails today. It keeps her looking a little younger... and super cute!

And then there is Jason. My little heart melter. He's already wanting to walk to school by himself. I told him NO... Mama needs that walk with her babies. They are not allowed to be big enough to walk to school by themselves yet! Says ME!

IMG_4479 copy

IMG_4478 copy

Ack... these pictures are killing me!

IMG_4482 copy

IMG_4490 copy

I really missed the kids today! I usually love having a bit of time to myself in a quiet house but all those times before I had the house to myself while the kids were out with Mike or grandparents or someone just having some fun. But to know that they are 100 yards away at the school... the quiet was too strange. I had to put on some music. It just didn't feel right and will take some time to get used to.

IMG_4494 copy

IMG_4501 copy

IMG_4503 copy

Jason only has half day kindergarten and I was so happy to have him back home for lunch but about halfway through the afternoon while we were sitting on the couch watching a movie he said "I miss Liza." I did too. It was just such a long time without her. 

IMG_4514 copy

There will definitely be an adjustment period for all of us but we'll get there. :)

Liza and Jason both had a great first day of school and are looking forward to going back tomorrow!

IMG_4510 copy

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