Wednesday, August 21, 2013

House Stuff...

Once I get started on one project I typically end up doing a few more. It all started with the sun porch which led to me painting the kitchen cupboards. Then I figured I might as well rip up the carpet in the upstairs "hallway". The previous owner had a cat and I swear that every time I walked out of the bathroom I could smell it. Mike never smells it.

But I was tired of it so I asked him to help me tear up the carpet. It made sense to do it today since it's garbage night and I could get rid of it immediately.

The thing about this house is that you never quite know what you are going to get. Mike ripped up the dark green carpet and we found that the floor had been painted...


It's actually not a bad color at all. BUT... it has a stencil all around the outside...


Oh hideousness! Ok... so maybe it's not the worst thing in the world and maybe YOU even like it but oh man is it about as far as you can get from ME as possible. I would never in a million years paint flowers anywhere in my house. I just wouldn't. And it doesn't help that it doesn't at all go with anything else in the house that I've done.

Every time I get to the top of the stairs I just laugh when I see the floor.

I'm guessing the stairs are yellow and stenciled the entire way down. If I didn't think they were I would take the carpet off of them as well. But I can't look at this every time I go up the stairs...


I'm not one of those people that waits till I have a full plan to get started on a project. I usually just start. Who knows how long my floor will stay like this! Anyone know anything about painting floors? I'm thinking a dark brown? Painting should be a lot cheaper than buying carpet yes? And easier than staining? I'm clueless.

I'm also wondering about the floor in Liza's room. They put down stupid sticky tiles. Is there anyway to get those up? Would the floor just be destroyed??


So much to learn. I still need to decide what to do with the floor in my bedroom and the dining room. Maybe I'll get to finishing this stuff sometime in the next ten years. :)

Until then I'll just keep laughing when I go upstairs. Thankfully it's small!!


That's it. The upstairs "hallway". Not really a hallway at all. Starting on the left you have the door to the bathroom, then my bedroom, Liza's bedroom and you can't see but it's Jason's bedroom and the attic door. And a nice yellow floor with stenciled flowers.

Oh geez.

And while I sit here laughing I keep thinking it could be worse. I think my sister wins ugliest find in her house that she just bought this summer. Check this out!!


They even made the pull down drapes match!!! I'm guessing the person living there was blind and someone played on awful prank on him/her???

Thankfully for both of us it's all things that can be changed! In the meantime, if you come to my house feel free to laugh at the floor. I won't be offended at all! :)

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