Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mackenzie Part 2

I had so much fun working with Mackenzie!! She was such a good sport, willing to try anything with me. Good times! It was nice to just go out shooting without it being work. It's good to get out and practice, try new things, push myself out of my self-imposed limits.

Here are a few more from our time together...

IMG_2337 copy

IMG_2341 copy

IMG_2350 copy

IMG_2357 copy

IMG_2359 copy

IMG_2361 copy

IMG_2401 copy

IMG_2408 copy

IMG_2414 copy

IMG_2421 copy

IMG_2450 copy

IMG_2463 copy

IMG_2465 copy

IMG_2468 copy

IMG_2475 copy

IMG_2498 copy

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