Tuesday, August 13, 2013


A while ago I took a photography workshop and was challenged to find five new locations within five miles of my house. Well... I didn't even really need to go a mile since I live downtown and as I started taking different routes to my everyday places my whole world seemed to open up. All of a sudden I had a whole lot of ideas I wanted to try and I needed someone who would be fun and wouldn't mind walking around town with me for a while striking poses. 

I asked Mackenzie to be that person and she was perfect! She is fun and confident and has great style! 

IMG_2214 copy

IMG_2215 copy

IMG_2235 copy

IMG_2245 copybw

IMG_2252 copy

IMG_2261 copy

IMG_2275 copybw

IMG_2282 copy

IMG_2283 copy

IMG_2301 copy

IMG_2311 copy

IMG_2312 copybw

IMG_2329 copybw

Pretty sure that last one is my absolute favorite from our evening out. I took it in an elevator and it was totally spontaneous. 

I'll make this part one and share the rest tomorrow. :)

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