Monday, August 12, 2013

MY Family Photos!

I have a friend who asked me to do her family photos a while ago and since she does photography as well I suggested we swap. Well neither of us has done our family photos yet haha. Maybe we'll get to it this fall. 

However, one day I woke up and decided to get my family dressed in bright colors, pull out the tripod and remote for the camera and take them to the yellow and white doors. You see... people like to show up for pictures wearing black or white a lot of the time and I've been trying to convince people that you can have a lot of fun with color. So I pulled out bright colors for everyone to wear. We actually had to stop at Target on the way to get a good shirt for Mike and Liza. It was worth it. I figure I spent $20 to get some pictures I love. :)

It was a really hot morning... humid... and after two seconds we were sweating so we didn't last long. That's ok though... I really like the results, we had fun doing them and I think it totally served the purpose of showing how fun COLOR can be in photos!

IMG_1843 copy copy

IMG_1847 copy

IMG_1857 copy
(Apparently my family has a hard time opening their eyes when it is anything more than dark outside.)

This door just screams FUN to me and therefore requires that jumping photos be done every. single. time. Of course... the only way my camera works with a remote (that I have been able to figure out so far) is if I have it on the 2 or 10 second timer. Do you know how difficult it is to figure out when to jump using the two second timer and then get all four of us jumping at that time!?!?! Not an easy task but I think we worked it out pretty well. I also realized that I apparently can't jump without opening my mouth really big!

Mike really cracks me up in this one... no idea!

IMG_1859 copy

IMG_1863 copy

IMG_1867 copy

IMG_1869 copy

Close ups are always my favorite photos! Although I wish I would have thought to move ten feet to the right and use the solid white background for this one. Oh well... I still love it. :)

IMG_1872 copy

And it's impossible to do pictures in this family without some total silliness...

IMG_1876 copy

IMG_1879 copy

IMG_1922 copy

IMG_1938 copy

IMG_1939 copy

And that's that. 
Are your eyes screaming from all the color haha?
Mine love it!
Next time you get photos done of yourself or your family you should wear COLOR!! It's happy.

If you are local and want photos I have some days left in September and October that I am open. Get in touch to book something!

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