Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Bits

Two or so weeks ago we had some unusually cool weather for August and it made me want to get my sun porch in order because it was no longer too hot to sit in the little space. I bought a small rug, moved a chair that a friend gave me from my bedroom to the porch and put a small table out there too. It was instantly cozy. I love the space!


Of course, the other side of the room still has a bookshelf full of my kitchen stuff. In nine days it will be one year since we bought the house and I still never did anything with the smelly cupboards...

Until this week. While me and the kids were out for a few days I suggested to Mike that he start the painting. He primer-ed a section we haven't been using with Kilz and this morning I put on a coat of leftover white paint. Hopefully the paint smell will fade and if it does we'll paint the rest of the cupboards.

And then I'll paint the outside of them too.

And the walls and trim.

And maybe once the kids go back to school I'll finish painting the upstairs hall area as well.


It might go forever unfinished.

Speaking of school... tomorrow is Kindergarten orientation for Jason! He'll be missing it because he decided to get himself a high fever today. Poor baby! The day was going well... we helped with some landscaping at the school then came home and the kids swam in the little plastic pool FOREVER. Then they took naps and Jason had a hard time waking up, didn't want to eat but the real clue was when he started shivering. Yeah... it was 85 degrees today. The only reason someone is going to shiver is if they are sick. Poor boy. :(

Anyways... back to the sun porch...

What I really want to do in there is to find a sofa that is a perfect fit and shove against the wall and get a thin coffee table. I want to crochet some curtain panels for the two windows that would be behind it. On the other wall, I'd like to get rid of the bookshelf of kitchen stuff and put in a not-too-deep shelf thingy with baskets. That way in the summer the kids can keep some of their outdoor toys in the baskets and it still looks nice and in the winter we can use them for gloves/hats/etc. It will take some time to actually find the pieces I want for the porch and it's not really a priority so I'll have to wait for good deals.

But it will happen... because even though the porch isn't a priority it IS my favorite little space in the house. :)

Do you have a favorite space in your house?

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