Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summertime Day Trip

Mike and I had such a great time when we went to Pymatuning State Park by ourselves that we decided we needed to go back with the kids. 

It was a rainy day but it held off at all the right times and the day was a great hit!

We started at the Spillway feeding the fish. :)

IMG_2615 copy

IMG_2627 copy

IMG_2633 copy

IMG_2639 copy

IMG_2654 copy
(They took a break from feeding the fish to eat some "fish food".)

Then we found a spot with thick trees that kept the rain off of us while we picnicked. So fun to picnic in the rain!

IMG_2672 copy

Next we went to Deer Park. It's just like our petting zoo here but with a few different animals. Like this WHITE turkey! Have you ever seen one!!?!? Crazy and beautiful!

IMG_2683 copy

What do you call a mixed zebra and donkey???

IMG_2689 copy

IMG_2740 copy

We stopped at the train museum just as they were closing up for the day. They run on volunteers and didn't have anyone for that day. The guy who had come to check on things was kind enough to open up one of the cars and the engine so the kids could check them out real quick. 

IMG_2845 copy

IMG_2862 copy

IMG_2870 copy

We ended the day back at Pymatuning because they had a festival going on and we just weren't ready to head back home yet. 

I'm so glad that Liza and Jason can handle a car ride and a full day out! We have so much fun taking these trips and I'm constantly trying to come up with new places to go. 

Spending time together. 
Building memories.
That's what summer is all about!
And Mike having Saturdays off now makes it possible!! 

Hooray for our best summer yet!

IMG_2569 copy

IMG_2563 copy

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