Monday, September 30, 2013

Family Time... With Animals

We recently took a family trip to one of our favorite places... Living Treasures. The kids get out of school at 2:15 on Thursdays which means we have plenty of time to enjoy the animals before the park closes. And with Mike's new work schedule he was able to go as well! 

4 things...

1. The Lions.
I was standing at the viewing window by myself when this guy stood up, snarled at me and then charged the window!! Never before have I had to so completely put my faith in a window and electric wire! I think my heart stopped for a second!

IMG_5794 copy

This girl... apparently not happy either.

IMG_5819 copy

2. The Camel.
Since it was just days before Liza's birthday when we went we treated the kids to a camel ride. They always ask but if you do everything while there the cost really begins to add up. But birthdays are special times that deserve special things. 

IMG_5843 copy

3. The Birds.
Liza is an absolute lover of all things animal. She always looks forward to the birds. Pretty sure she would hang with them all day if we let her. We had the bird house to ourselves and Liza was just loving it!

IMG_5742 copy

IMG_5749 copy

IMG_5754 copy

IMG_5758 copy

IMG_5766 copy

4. The Baby Leopards!!
Doesn't get much cuter! They were still a little unsteady on their feet. Adorable! We need to go back.

IMG_5767 copy

IMG_5783 copy

IMG_5795 copy

IMG_5798 copy

IMG_5803 copy

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