Friday, September 6, 2013

Get Your Own Revelation

Too often I find people looking for answers from other people. I'm guilty of it too. But I've learned something over the years... someone else's revelation will only carry me so far.

With Christianity it is awesome and important to go to church, read books and all that. But it's MORE important to be reading your Bible and spending time with God and letting the Holy Spirit teach you. There was a time when other people could talk to me about forgiveness all day but I still couldn't do what I needed to do... until I found myself alone in my room reading my Bible and God hit me with Matthew 6:15... "But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." I needed it straight from God.

And the thing is that when you get it straight from God it can change your life in ways you would never imagine and it's likely to stick much longer than when we hear it from someone else.

Because it's personal.
Because it was just for me or just for you.
Because God made something so real and clear.

Hard to ignore that stuff or walk out the door and forget about it.

My most recent "revelation" came with food. About two weeks ago I wrote about surrender and how I felt like God was telling me to STOP SURRENDERING to food. You guys... this has been such a battle for me over the years and I had got to a place where I was desperate. I needed to make drastic changes but I'm such a food addict... it's been hard. I've read books. I know the facts about good eating and I know the facts about how sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies. I know that I'm an addict. I've read books about how others have conquered their food problems. Every time I learn something new it will carry me for a little while... but then I got my own revelation. Stop surrendering to food... and I did it.

I know it's only been two weeks... but I haven't given in once. I've cut out almost all bread and I've stopped eating chips, sugary things and other junk. (This is what I need to do.) My mind feels strong. My body feels strong. And most importantly, my spirit feels strong this time. Why? I'm guessing it's because it's MY revelation. It was personal. Just for me. Just what I needed.

I've lost five pounds in those two weeks simply by changing my eating to the way I should have been eating all along. This round feels different from all the others. I'm hopeful that this just might be my time to truly overcome.

If you've been running on someone else's revelations, no matter what your struggle is, I encourage you to get alone with God... God and your Bible. Sometimes we need to strip away all the other resources for a time and just hear GOD instead of someone else's voice. Ask God to give you something personal for your struggle. He cares and he knows.

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