Monday, September 9, 2013

Jadyn ~ 9 months

I've been doing 2-4 photo shoots a week and I LOVE IT. I don't love the editing after the photo shoot so much but I think I'm keeping up. It's hard being my own boss! Someone set some work hours for me. My dream is to some day make enough that I can go out and take the photos and hire someone else to do all the editing. THAT would be an awesome life!


A little over a week ago I got together with Little Miss Jadyn for her 9 month photos. I'm friends with Jadyn's mom's aunt. Did you follow that?? And Jadyn's mom's aunt purchased the full series as a gift... maternity through 1 year old. What a GREAT gift to give!

Here's Jadyn in all her 9 month old beauty!

 IMG_4579 copy

IMG_4586 copybw

IMG_4596 copy

IMG_4627 copy

IMG_4658 copybw

IMG_4674 copybw

IMG_4677 copy

IMG_4719 copybw

IMG_4738 copy

IMG_4750 copy

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