Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lauren and Andy ~ Engaged!

Andy is my cousin and his fiance is BEAUTIFUL! I've met her twice now... when meeting about photographing their wedding next summer and then to do engagement pictures. I like her already!

The day came to do their photos and the forecast said rain at the time we had set to do the shoot. I asked if they could start a little earlier in hopes of beating the rain and we moved the time up. Just as I was leaving to meet them it started raining. The rain didn't last long but the darkness kind of lingered. I knew it would be really hard to reschedule them so we just went for it and hoped the rain would stay away.

Well not only did the rain stay away... by the time we were wrapping up the session the sun came out and it was beautiful. And guess what... that was right about the time we had originally planned to start. I guess it was a day where I was destined to lose with the weather.

BUT I did not lose in the photography department that day. :) Here are some of my favorites from my time with Lauren and Andy...

 IMG_5054 copybw

IMG_5067 copy

IMG_5097 copy

IMG_5108 copybw

IMG_5114 copybw

IMG_5147 copybw

IMG_5171 copy

IMG_5175 copy

8x10 IMG_5177

IMG_5180 copy

IMG_5189 copybw

IMG_5201 copy

IMG_5209 copy

IMG_5233 copy

IMG_5247 copybw

IMG_5249 copy

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