Monday, September 30, 2013

Screw You Lemonade Makers!

Whoever said "when life gives you lemons make lemonade"... I'd like to find that person and karate chop them in the throat!

Because sometimes there is NO TIME TO MAKE LEMONADE!

My morning... oh my morning. Good ol Monday morning.

You see... it started out quite nice... the kids were good this morning. No problem getting them ready for school and out the door. Easy peasy. I decided I wanted to go to Panera for a while... so I did. I stopped at the craft store first to pick up some yarn I needed to make something to finish off my fall decorations. And then I went to Panera and relaxed and read and relaxed... and relaxed.

At 11:00 I decided to go home so I would have fifteen minutes to clean before I had to go get Jason from school. I jump in the van, turn the key and think "that doesn't sound right!" Turned it off and tried again. Nope... not right. Not even going to try driving that.

I was stuck. I ran back into Panera, turned my kindle on and left a note on facebook hoping someone would see it and get Jason from school... because I was walking home and didn't think I would make it on time.

And then I had to leave because I didn't have time to wait for a response. And I walked... and walked... and walked... and breathed in car exhaust the entire way. All 2.5 miles. It. Sucked. I kept looking at my watch and I hit that point where I was certain I wasn't going to make it... where I knew that the day had finally come when I would totally let my baby boy down. And I didn't know if anyone had got my message to get him for me.

I was praying the whole way "please God! Let them dismiss a little late today!"

And that's the only bright spot in this story... because I actually did make it in time. I got close and just started running... looking like a total dork because I wasn't dressed to be out for a run. 38 minutes after finding that my van wouldn't run right I showed up at the school and all the other parents were still standing there.

Whew! I wouldn't have to let my baby down after all.

But I am not happy! My van is sitting at Panera. My legs are dying. My stomach is cramping up. My feet have blisters. I want to walk around kicking people in the shins... just because. Thankfully I live right by the school and didn't have to go any farther. I got Jason home, threw together a quick lunch, took my second shower of the day because I was drenched in sweat from my unexpected workout, and then practically crawled back down the stairs because my legs hate me. (I guess that's what I get for not exercising in forever!)

I'm planning on sitting on the couch watching movies the rest of the day. I would read but the books I want to read are in the van... at Panera... 2.5 miles away and I have no way to get there. The yarn for my project I want to work on is also in my van... at Panera... 2.5 miles away.

And I just had another cancel for a photo shoot... somehow I went from having four in one weekend to only having one. Nice.

So today... to all the lemonade makers out there I just want to say SCREW YOU! I'm having a bad day and I am not making lemonade. *And now I feel like I should stick my tongue out and do that little spit thing*

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