Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Oh my.
Somehow my baby girl has already turned SEVEN!! Where does the time goooo!?!?

Her birthday was on Sunday and we had some family over for cake and ice cream... and presents. What's a birthday without presents??

Liza was just loving all the attention. 

IMG_6164 copy

IMG_6168 copy

IMG_6169 copy

IMG_6176 copy

IMG_6181 copy

IMG_6182 copy

She's just SO GIRLY! She certainly didn't learn it from me... but SHE is teaching me to embrace the girly side of life.

And when everyone sang happy birthday she just soaked it in. The attention. The love. She has no problem being the center of attention. 

IMG_6186 copy

IMG_6190 copy

Liza is such a fascinating little thing. I just love her to pieces! This next picture... she was eleven months old... fully walking... at the beach in Florida running toward the water with no fear at all.


It was a very telling moment of who she is at her core. Liza is determined and fearless. She wants to learn how to do things for herself. She will talk to anyone and go anywhere. If she wants to try something, she does. She is motivated and daring. A risk-taker.

But she is also kind and caring. Loving. Sweet and silly. Feminine. Smart. And she loves Jesus.

She is my Liza and life without her would be so dull.

 IMG_6147 copybw

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