Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer Snapshots - Farm Show Fun!

A few weeks ago our town had it's annual Farm Show. Lots of people bring their animals for show and a lot of 4-H -type competitions happen. There is lots of entertainment and food... and rides! We like taking the kids to this because we get in for $6 each and then the kids can just ride till they are tired of riding. 

Liza and Jason were super excited about the ferris wheel. They had never been on one before so Mike took them on. I don't do carnival rides. They had a good time until they ended up being on it for a half hour. They ended up being quite bored. (There were just problems with getting people on and off. Annoying!)

IMG_3263 copy

IMG_3269 copy

IMG_3277 copy

After the ferris wheel ride we ran into some friends and I'm pretty sure the kids' fun meters broke with excitement!

IMG_3307 copy

IMG_3313 copy

The roller coaster was a huge hit!

IMG_3316 copy

Pretty sure Liza was the cutest girl on the train. :)

IMG_3321 copy

IMG_3327 copy

Liza proceeded to ride every ride like she was on a roller coaster... hands up with excitement!

IMG_3335 copy
(Seriously... this picture just cracks me up! They look like they are having so much fun haha. Party kids.)

IMG_3346 copy

IMG_3351 copy

IMG_3356 copy

We ate some good food and ended our night by watching guys do tricks on bikes... like jumping over people. 

IMG_3415 copy

Good times! Summer was fun! 

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