Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Snapshots ~ A Reunion

Way back when... years and years ago... I worked at a summer camp in Ohio... for four years. :) It's a wonderful place and I made some great friends. One of the guys that was there all four summers as well is from overseas and since he now has family here in the states he comes back for a visit every few years. This summer happened to be one of those years.

Mike and I loaded up the kids for the day and we headed to Ohio. I have a rule where I need to be out of the car more than I am in the car so we found something to do before the reunion started.

We went to Hale Farm where there happened to be a really large reenactment going on! It was pretty spectacular. Any reenactment that I've seen before was teensy tiny compared to this. We pulled into the parking lot with this going on...

IMG_3506 copy

We walked around for a few hours and just enjoyed the time there seeing things we don't normally see!

IMG_3513 copy

IMG_3528 copy

IMG_3538 copy

Liza met the President. :)

IMG_3584 copy

I kind of want a dress like this! She was stunning!

 IMG_3586 copy

When it was time for the reunion we headed to the camp. Camp has changed soooo much since I was last there! All the cabins have been remodeled and several of the old buildings have been torn down and new ones have been built. It's really quite amazing how much work has been done there! It's a great place!

Several people that I worked with came and brought spouses and children. We have definitely multiplied!

blurIMG_3650 copy

blurIMG_3661 copy

We ate good food and enjoyed catching up with each other. The kids all became great friends and they had fun swimming in the lake and climbing the wall. 

IMG_3600 copy

IMG_3601 copy

IMG_3624 copy

IMG_3633 copy

IMG_3642 copy

IMG_3672 copy

IMG_3679 copy

IMG_3681 copy

There is something about summer camps. It's a special experience not only for the campers but for the staff as well. Bonds are formed that last forever. We share memories and stories that no one else will understand. Akron Rotary Camp is definitely a happy place for me. 

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