Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I have a problem.

A sweat problem.

I sweat waaaay too much.
And way too easily.

Phone call?

Step outside?

Try to sleep?

Public speaking?

It's not hot flashes. I just sweat.

Photo shoot?
I'll sweat right through my shirt and come out looking like I used to after playing a full 90 minute soccer game on an 85 degree day.

It's bad. Ridiculous really. Definitely doesn't leave me feeling feminine or ladylike. Ugh!!
I don't wear antiperspirant... for several reasons. (But I DO wear deodorant!!) This has really been a problem for me. Have you noticed I wear tie-dyed t-shirts all the time? One reason is because that is what I have right now. But it's also because you can't see my armpit sweat when I'm wearing them. The tie-dye helps disguise my problem. Of course that doesn't really matter now that you all know about it anyways! I know... you guys REALLY wanted to know about this problem of mine. You're welcome.

Really though... I can't wear fun colored clothes because all those nice colors show wet real fast. I'm going to end up stuck wearing all black just so I don't look gross.

Do you have a sweating problem like me?
What do you do about this???

And please don't tell me to use antiperspirant. It's never really worked anyways and I always end up with bad BO. Help a girl out here!!!

I'm soooo looking forward to cool fall days where I can wear sweatshirts and not worry about all of this! Enough with the humidity already!!!

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