Thursday, September 26, 2013

The P. Family

I recently got to photograph a wonderful family we know from church. I like this family. :)

We got a later start than I wanted because I was at a conference all day long. Then they were about 15 minutes late (it's tough getting four people ready for pictures!) and well... we were running out of light fast... and the kids were exhausted. Poor Addison just yawned the whole time. (It was pretty cute!) Thankfully the kids were cooperative and we were able to get everything in in one hour... including a walk to the spot I like to use!

 IMG_5549 copy

 IMG_5552 copy

 IMG_5566 copy

 IMG_5579 copy

 IMG_5643 copy

 IMG_5646 copybw

 IMG_5650 copy

 IMG_5654 copybw2

 IMG_5663 copy

 IMG_5683 copybw

 IMG_5716 copybw

IMG_5587 copy

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