Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tis the Season

It must be September.
Everyone wants photos and everyone wants hats.
And that's ok with me!!

This is definitely a busy season for me. It's the most popular time for both of my hobbies as everyone realizes that it's no longer 90 degrees and they want family photos before the snows come and the trees are bare. But since they are also thinking of the coming snow they remember they need to order some awesome hats. :)

Basically that leaves me running to photo shoots, editing pictures, running to the craft store for yarn, making hats. Edit. Crochet. Repeat.

I have four photo sessions to work on from the past week.

On Friday I did 9 month photos of Jadyn. I've been photographing her since she was still in the belly! I'm almost finished up with those.

IMG_4658 copybw

Then I have to work on this family session

IMG_4839 copy


IMG_5171 copy

and this adorable newborn!

IMG_5324 copy

All while continuing to make more of these...

IMG_5267 copy

Mike got home from work early today and took Jason with him to go make applesauce with his family. That leaves me with an empty house for the next two hours until Liza is done with school. I really should work... but I'm tired. A good book sounds more fun. :)

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