Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Last night I had a dream. In the dream I was out somewhere where there were plenty of desserts and yummy things. Things that I need to cut out... and have cut out for the past three weeks. But in the dream I decided I NEEDED to try something and so I did. And then I couldn't stop. It was like an out of body experience as I watched myself give into one dessert after another. Stuffing my face. Out of control and unable to stop. I even at one point in the dream thought "I shouldn't be eating this stuff but I just can't stop." And I continued to eat it all.

I woke up feeling a bit disgusted with myself because that is how I have acted around food for a larger portion (ha! Punny.) of my life than I would like to admit.

But you know what?

I'm working on being different.

For the past three weeks I've stopped surrendering to food.
I've stopped letting food rule me.
I've been making great choices that amaze even me! :)

I've been having food victory, losing weight and eating in a way that I can maintain forever as a lifestyle... not a diet or fad.

What does food victory look like for me?

*Having dinner at Panera and ordering an apple as my side instead of chips or bread.
*Eating out at Texas Roadhouse and not eating their oh so delicious rolls.
*Ordering a good dinner instead of something that would leave me feeling bloated and gross at the end.
*Going to Pennie's Bakeshop and Espresso Bar and seeing all their super yummy treats but sticking to hot tea like I intended... AND passing on the free mini cupcake.
*Getting emotionally "sucker punched" in the checkout isle and thinking "Screw it all. I'll just grab a candy bar because at least I'll feel better for a little bit" and then walking away without a candy bar.

Food victory for me looks like making the choices I've known I needed to be making all along.
Food victory for me feels REALLY GOOD!!!

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