Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Conquering a Fear

I didn't grow up around guns. They were never a part of my life. So... while I know it's dumb I had stereotypes about guns. Rifles are for hunting and handguns are for cops and criminals. That meant I probably wasn't going to be shooting a gun... ever. You know... since I don't hunt, I'm not a cop and I'm not a criminal.

I guess you can also say I kind of had a fear of handguns due to my stereotypes. I didn't even really want to look at it. It was all mental.

But for some reason... probably for the sake of being able to protect my family should the need arise, I decided I needed to get comfortable with a gun. (The area we live in sometimes leaves me feeling like I need to know how to protect the kids if Mike wasn't here. Just precaution.)

Last night Mike took me to some property we were given permission to use and he taught me to shoot a gun.

IMG_6289 copy

Of course I had to take my "weapon" of choice as well. :) Did you think I would leave my camera at home on a nice fall day when I was doing a first?

IMG_6255 copy

I messed around being nervous for a while and Mike set up some targets. He also found this...

IMG_6243 copy

I told Mike to go ahead and go first. I wanted to hear it and see it.

IMG_6259 copy

Then I said...
Ok. Just give it to me. I need to just do this.
How big is the kick?
Not too big he says.

So I shoot and then immediately hold it out and say "Take it back! I wasn't ready for that!"

Mike shot some more.

IMG_6264 copy

Then I was ready for another go. I knew what to expect this time. And it really wasn't so bad. It's just... the first time shooting a gun... I guess it was all kind of surprising because I didn't know how it would feel. Pretty sure I closed my eyes a lot.

Anyways... I ended up shooting a few rounds and I really enjoyed it... after I figured out how to hit the targets that is! I had been focusing through only one eye and I actually needed to be keeping both open. Once I started doing that... BAM!

IMG_6283 copy

I say not too bad for a first timer. :)

Once I started hitting the larger target I decided to go for the cans.

IMG_6282 copy

I did that. :)

IMG_6274 copy

We actually had a really great time together! It was nice to do something other than going out to dinner... again. And honestly... I look forward to doing it again sometime soon!

IMG_6286 copy

On our way back to the car I made Mike take it slow with me so I could do my own kind of shooting. :) The funny thing is that after shooting the gun for a while I picked up my camera to snap a photo and was waiting for the kick. It was mental. It only took about two snaps though to be completely back in the comfort zone with my camera.

IMG_6278 copy

The leaves are turning!

IMG_6235 copy

The goldenrod is super golden!!

IMG_6306 copy

And I have a feeling that fall is going to be absolutely gorgeous this year!

IMG_6301 copy

IMG_6317 copy

And that's that... last night I conquered my gun fear and I'm glad I did! I also told Mike to watch out because I'm about to be a better shot than he is. We are kind of competitive like that.

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