Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall is...

apple cider
colorful landscapes
cool mornings
hot tea
warm blankets

I love fall! 

We recently took a nice walk at one of our favorite places and just enjoyed the beauty of fall. Things are dying yet still beautiful. They glow in the sun. I love the golden color of fall.

IMG_6325 copy

IMG_6327 copy

IMG_6330 copy

IMG_6354 copy

IMG_6358 copy

IMG_6395 copy

IMG_6404 copy

IMG_6419 copy

IMG_6399 copy

IMG_6428 copy

IMG_6430 copy

IMG_6432 copy

IMG_6487 copy

IMG_6501 copy

IMG_6508 copy

IMG_6517 copy

IMG_6634 copy

IMG_6570 copy

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