Sunday, October 20, 2013

Family Fun at Cooper Farm

Was it just last weekend that I was home visiting with my family??? It feels like it was far longer ago than that! 

Anyways... my three brothers went to the Penn State game that Saturday and I decided that the rest of us needed to find something to do instead of sitting at the house all day. I asked around and found Cooper Farm. We went. 17 of us. And we had a great time! 

IMG_7276 copy

Getting pics of all the kids together was a challenge. Two aren't in the picture because they wanted nothing to do with it. The others... well... the picture tells it all haha.

IMG_7283 copy

The barrel ride was a big hit and Liza and Jason live by their unspoken rule that you should ride everything like it is a roller coaster.

IMG_7293 copy

IMG_7299 copy

IMG_7302 copy

IMG_7445 copy

And who doesn't love an easy hay maze?

 IMG_7314 copy

 IMG_7324 copy

By the way... the photo above... that's Caleb. He's the one many of you prayed for when he was born because his esophagus wasn't formed correctly meaning he couldn't eat and needed surgery to get it fixed. He's awesome!

  IMG_7326 copy

We went on the hayride and took up half the wagon.

IMG_7361 copy

IMG_7385 copy

Again... getting a picture of all the kids together? Pretty much impossible.

IMG_7399 copy

Then we headed to the corn maze. Walking through a corn maze with a crowd of 17 was definitely an experience haha. Next time we split up. 

IMG_7403 copy

IMG_7415 copy

IMG_7418 copy

IMG_7426 copy

IMG_7433 copy

IMG_7436 copy

IMG_7439 copy

We cheated a little at the end and cut through a path where many others have obviously cheated as well. We just wanted OUT. And I think most of us were happy to be out of the maze haha.

 IMG_7442 copy

The kids played some more, got their faces painted, had some snack snacks and picked out some pumpkins.

 IMG_7456 copy

It was a really great time with all the family and I'm so glad that we found Cooper Farm. It's interesting because we had to drive an hour to find a farm. Here at home we have so many farms to choose from within a half hour that we could probably go to one every Saturday AND Sunday in October and not have to do one twice. 

And speaking of farms... Me and the kids are off to another one today. :) I love fall!

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