Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's a Date!

We don't do the tooth fairy in our house. No idea why we decided not to. We just didn't do it. Liza and Jason know it's us and while some may think we are depriving our kids of something fun and magical I am finding that we are able to have all kinds of fun with it that we normally wouldn't.

Like with the last tooth Liza lost...

Jason decided HE was going to be the tooth fairy that night. We spent the evening having secret discussions about what Liza should get from the tooth fairy this time.  He settled on 4 quarters and a date with him.

That night the kids went to bed like normal but before I went to bed, instead of just covering Jason up and kissing him again I woke him up so he could be the tooth fairy. At this point he changed his mind about the four quarters... originally they were going to be HIS quarters but he decided they should actually be mine. :) Then he tiredly held the quarters and did his best to stay awake. It was so incredibly cute!

Liza woke up to find her quarters and a note for a date with Jason. She said "awww... that's so cute!" And they patiently waited for the day to come when they could have their date!

They chose Panera.

I had a nice talk with Jason about how a boy should act on a date and we headed out. They chose a booth to sit in and I sat at a table across the room where I could watch them. He was so cute... carrying Liza's coloring book for her, opening doors, placing her order, letting me know when she needed more water.

They had such a good time eating their cookies and coloring and hanging out.


I enjoyed watching my babies be awesome!

Jason was a great, although very tired, tooth fairy! I'm sure he'll want to do it again and when he loses a tooth I have a feeling Liza will be his tooth fairy!

Memories. :)

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