Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kat and Eddie ~ Engaged!

Kat is a friend that I met through church. She's a bundle of giggles and fun. I was so happy when she found love and got engaged! And then I was happy again when she asked me to do her engagement photos. :)

I took Kat and Eddie to one of my favorite spots and we enjoyed the gorgeous fall day!

IMG_6670 copybw

IMG_6675 copy

IMG_6697 copy

IMG_6704 copy

IMG_6771 copy

IMG_6781 copy

IMG_6783 copy

IMG_6805 copy
(It's always fun when they realize I mean it when I tell them "just be yourselves!")

IMG_6807 copy

IMG_6811 copybw

IMG_6815 copy

IMG_6821 copy

IMG_6846 copy

IMG_6848 copybw

IMG_6884 copy

IMG_6887 copy

IMG_6897 copy

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