Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kinzua Bridge

Over the summer I was visiting with family and we decided a trip to Kinzua Bridge was in order. My parents often took us when we were growing up and we would walk the crazy bridge and sometimes we would hike back through the woods. It always ended with a stop at an ice cream shop that has the world's largest cones... no. Really... they are HUGE. You'll see.

Anyways... we had a gorgeous day and nothing to do so me and the kids, my mom and my sister and her two kids headed out for the day.

IMG_4009 copy

The thing about the bridge is that several years ago half of it blew over in a tornado so you can no longer walk the full way across. But they fixed up what was left and made sure it was secure, sturdy and safe and you can now walk out on the part that remains.

IMG_4011 copy

I remember when I was little the walkway had much more space between the boards and I was always afraid my foot would fall through. I like the walkway now but man... it was hard taking my own kids haha. I have no idea how my mom and dad didn't have heart attacks when they took all six of us years ago! 

IMG_4018 copy

IMG_4021 copy

IMG_4035 copy

 IMG_4049 copy

At the end of the bridge they built in a glass floor. I could NOT walk on it. It was completely mental. I watched everyone else walking on it. I knew it would hold me. I even tried stepping out where the support beams were but I just could not do it. The kids on the other hand had a great time playing on the glass floor. 

IMG_4044 copy

IMG_4072 copy

IMG_4084 copy

IMG_4088 copy

IMG_4107 copy

IMG_4116 copy
(I told them each to stand on their own square and somehow that seemed to really confuse them.)

IMG_4125 copy

IMG_4133 copy

And then!!! It was time for the kids to experience the massive ice cream cones! Jason is eating a BABY cone.

IMG_4137 copy

Yeah... that's two scoops. These people know how to do a scoop right! A large would be... oh man... I can't even begin to think of how much ice cream a large would be. It would be enough to make a person sick. 

IMG_4145 copy

We had a great time on our day out! The kids all love getting to spend time together and I love that they are at an age where it is easy. I'm looking forward to spending more time with ALL of my family (that would be 21 of us!!) in a week!

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