Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Minions on the Farm!

This past Sunday Mike had to work at the church most of the day so I took the kids to another farm. We love this stuff!

This time we chose Freedom Farms. You may have heard of the tv show Farm Kings? This was their farm.

Pretty sure Liza and Jason loved the corn... box? Can I call it a cornbox since it's like a sandbox but with corn instead of sand? Yeah... I'm just going to call it a cornbox. They would have played in this all day. Seriously... I should just fill my backyard with corn. It wouldn't take much since I have the tiniest yard ever. They'd play outside all day long I'm sure.

IMG_7736 copy

IMG_7669 copy

IMG_7676 copy

They painted pumpkins and let me tell ya... they had paint PENS at this farm. Genius. No. Really... best idea EVER! Dries fast. Stays on. LOVE. I so appreciate that I didn't have to carry around pumpkins with wet paint or marker that just rubbed off.

IMG_7683 copy

IMG_7689 copy

IMG_7686 copy

IMG_7687 copy

We met Miss Pennsylvania who I hear is also from our town. She's really nice and Liza was too cute getting all shy about meeting a princess. :)

IMG_7717 copy

My favorite part of the day was the hay ride. I think I like it so much because I can just sit down and the kids stay put. No need to be continuously spotting them in the play areas. I could ride the hay wagons all day.

IMG_7715 copy

IMG_7694 copy

IMG_7719 copy

And who doesn't like running across hay bales?

 IMG_7720 copy

IMG_7722 copy

IMG_7741 copy

IMG_7726 copy

IMG_7740 copy

It was a gorgeous fall day and we enjoyed another day on a farm. We might try to go to another one this coming weekend but that all depends on the weather. It's forecasting cold and rain.

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