Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Family Photos

Let's lighten things up around here for a day. :)
Here are the last of the photos of my family. It's so nice to be able to share what I do with them. We didn't spend too much time taking pictures. The kids were getting crazy and just wanted to play and I don't think anyone wanted to spend the entire night doing photos. We were also quickly running out of light. SO... each family got their turn... including mine. 

I'll post my them in sibling order.
IMG_7047 copy

(Would you LOOK at Jason!!!! Oh maaaannn... trouble right there haha.)
 IMG_7170 copy

IMG_7027 copy

IMG_7254 copy

I also have to share this one of Dave's family. If you know this family you will understand why this is an absolutely perfect representation of their family!

IMG_7268 copy

IMG_7144 copy

And then there is Matt and I feel really bad that I didn't get a picture of him. I have a feeling he wouldn't have really wanted to do one alone but I still should have tried. Maybe I'll have to ask him if I can get one real quick when I am home again next weekend because I have a feeling mom would like to have that.

So that's the fam.

I have a few more of me, Mike, Liza and Jason. I think they are fun. We tend to get silly when in front of the camera because I'm not sure if I know how to be serious. 

We do this thing where we all fake laugh and it's pretty ridiculous.

 IMG_7176 copy

The best thing about the fake laughs is that it got us this photo which I SUPER love...

IMG_7183 copy

Serious faces...

IMG_7187 copy

Silly faces...

IMG_7191 copy

And we finished with my favorite kind of photo... up close and personal.

IMG_7196 copy

Oh! And all eight grandkids together!

IMG_7217 copy

IMG_7227 copy

I can't wait till we can all get together again!

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